Denys Kazanskyi, Ukrainian journalist, reported that people from the list of hostage exchange were locked up at the hotel for checking after their arrival to Donetsk.

“According to reviews, they are checked by some of their local ones, or Russian special services. There is little information. I'm not there. Local bloggers, located there informed me,” Kazanskyi noted in a commentary to InfoResist.

Kazanskyi, further noted that no honorable meeting took place at “DPR”.

“Nobody had met the prisoners; our captives were picked up on buses, taken to Donetsk, were they were not allowed to meet with relatives, placed (on the “basement”) in a hotel, under the guards, where they would get rallied by personal checks,” the journalist quoted the words of one of the supporters of fake republic “DPR” at his Facebook page.

Earlier, December 27, an exchange of prisoners between Kyiv and the separatists of the ORDLO took place at "Mayorsk" checkpoint on the dividing line near Horlivka of the Donetsk region. The proposed scheme assumed the exchange of "306 by 74".

Militants had freed 73 Ukrainians in the course of the exchange of detained persons in the Donbas, another female military officer decided to stay in the territory controlled by the ORDO, explaining this by having a family in Donetsk.

In turn, 233 persons out of the list of 306 people were handed by Kyiv to the militants through pardon and release from custody.

Another 73 people detained in Ukraine had refused to go to the ORDLO territory, including 26 people who indicated their refusal directly at the exchange. 

Ukrainians, liberated within the framework of an exchange between Ukraine and ORDLO fighters, had arrived from Chasiv Yar to Kharkiv airport between 21.30 and 22.05 in three helicopter groups.

December 28, at 00.25, a plane with liberated Ukrainians landed at the "Boryspil" airport in Kyiv. QHA ran an online broadcast of the meeting.

QHA informed that the second stage of the exchange of hostages in the Donbas may be implemented by “70 per 20” formula.