The Head of the department of the military chaplaincy of Muslims of Ukraine Murad Putilin informed that 150 Muslims take part in military activities in the war zone in the east of Ukraine.

According to him, every three months the administration of Muslims receives permission from the General Staff, after which its representatives visit those Muslims of Ukraine who are on the advanced positions. Chaplains visit all the brigades where military Muslims are serving.

During their visits, the Imams (Muslim clerics) hold prayers with the servicemen.

“It's problematic to come to the guys on the front line. Because this is part of the team's responsibilities, and one might not be allowed there," Putilin said.

The chaplain noted that all their visits are carried out at their own expense and without financial support from the authorities.

“We collect money in different cities, for gasoline, for fuel, and you will not go with your hands empty, of course. Definitely, someone should help, because this is our land, this is our people," he said.

In total there are eight chaplains in the administration, the organization works with the help of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Ukraine "Ummah".

Earlier, January 16 the Verkhovna Rada hosted the exhibition "Military chaplains of the Armed Forces." The exposition was dedicated to the service of military chaplains in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard of Ukraine and volunteer formations.

Source: UA: Krym