The mother of the mercenary from the Russian private military company Wagner, who died in Syria, said that she received no gratitude from the state, and her son was refused in the military enlistment office - she mentioned in an interview with the BBC. 

The woman noted that a few months after her son was sent to war in Syria, she received a notice of his death and documents that had to be taken to the military enlistment office where he was registered. However, she was informed in the military enlistment office that her son was not in the lists, and he was not a military man. 

“Documents, insurance sum and medals were transferred with the body. Then I was told to send all these documents to the military enlistment office. I sent them, and recieved an answer: "We cannot do anything." Because he is not registered anywhere. He is not a military man," she noted.    

The woman added that she had received no gratitude from the state. 

“I want some kind of gratitude, something like this from the state, a little justice to triumph.”

Reference: on February 7, during the US air strikes in Deir ez-Zor, a PMC Wagner fighter with a call sign "Gloomy" Aleksei Ladygin, who also participated in the occupation of the Crimea, was killed.