Military experts in Syria, examining the weapons of the destroyed terrorists, have established that snipers of the Islamic State and Jebhat an Nusra groups banned in Russia use night vision sights with electronics produced at Russian enterprises, the source said, citing data from experts who studied the militants’ weapons.

“We found the so-called optoelectronic converters - Image intensifier tubes (IITs) - produced at Russian enterprises. How they got into the war zone is not known,” experts said.

It is noted that, according to Russian legislation, it is prohibited to export such devices outside Russia. According to one version, the equipment could be transported to Syria via third countries, where (IITs) or components for them are officially supplied from Russia.

Pre-investigation check was brought in this matter.

Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry claimed that the RF and government forces of the Assad regime did not use chemical weapons in Syria, and the death of hundreds of civilians on April 4 occurred "due to air strikes in chemical weapons production workshop" belonging to the opposition forces.

PHOTO: Internet