In Krasnodar region, the builders of the energy bridge to occupied Crimea had to suspend their work. According to the Russian authorities, the builders have found a unique complex system for collecting drinking water, Rossiyskaya Gazeta, a Russian government newspaper, reports.

“The find refers to the VIII-VII centuries BC, and researchers do not rule out that it was created by pre-Greek population or even some unknown civilization,” reads the article.

The authors of the publication claim that this structure can be a conclusive evidence of the fact that in Kuban region, long before the ancient Greeks, people had an idea of the art of building hydraulic structures.

According to the so-called Minister of Fuel and Energy of Crimea Svetlana Borodulina, the integration of the second stage of the energy bridge is to be completed in April-May this year.

As QHA reported earlier, the activists of the civil blockade of Crimea doubt the existence of the so-called energy bridge from Russia to Crimea.

Photo: Internet