In one day, two new important events brought together Ukraine and Turkey.

October 31, the opening ceremony of the exhibition "50 inventions that Ukraine gave the world" covering different spheres of life took place at Esenboga Airport in capital city of the Turkish Republic, according to the Twitter account of the Ukrainian Embassy in Turkey.

Among the dignitaries, attending the opening ceremony, were the Ambassador of Ukraine to Turkey Andriy Sibiga with his wife, Director of the Second European Department of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Yuri Mushka, Chairman of the Ukrainian-Turkish friendship Namık Kemal Bayar, Crimean Tatar organizations, leadership in Turkey and others.

The exhibition, organized by Ukrainian diplomatic corps in Turkey with the support of TAV company and Ukrainian Crisis Media Center, gained unusually great  interest of both visitors and representatives of the leading mass media.

The exhibition shows all the scientific potential of Ukraine in the development and innovation, as well as presents the Ukrainians, who have changed the world, embodying their ideas not only at home but also abroad. The exhibition covers very different areas of science, such as aviation, space, medicine, biology, information technology, genetics and others. The exhibition represents Ukraine as an innovative and progressive state, and popularizes the national products in Turkish society.

It was reported earlier that October 31, the first flight Kyiv-Ankara arrived at Esenboga Airport in the capital city becoming yet another bridge between Ukraine and Turkey. 

PHOTO: Ukrainian Embassy in Turkey