In the Donetsk region, the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) noted an increase in the number of violations of the ceasefire, recording, among other things, about 1,240 explosions, compared to the previous reporting period (about 170 explosions), the organization's report said.

In particular, on the evening of May 2 and on the night of May 3, while in the settlement Svitlodarsk, the SMM team heard about 360 explosions of undetermined origin, 721 bursts of heavy machine gun and infantry fighting vehicle guns (BMP-2, 30 mm), 58 shots from anti-aircraft guns and 65 shots from small arms - all this within 5-8 km sector from the south-east to south-west.

“During the day on 3 May, the SMM heard about 870 undetermined explosions and about 680 bursts of heavy-machine-gun and IFV (BMP-2) cannon fire, all 3-6km at directions ranging from east to south-east,” the mission reported.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian volunteer Yury Mysyagin said that on the Svitlodarsk arc the forces of the United Forces Operation struck blows on the positions of the separatists.

“Separs feel this to the utmost. None of their advanced position, no dugout, no strongpoint is left without attention. And if active shelling is conducted from any position, it is given increased attention.”

Yesterday, in the area of responsibility of the 54th brigade and the 25th battalion "Kyiv Rus", the unknown "Third Force" was finishing off the separatists’ dugouts in the area of their advanced positions "Muraveinik" and "Furunkul" with an unknown 120-mm caliber. 4 dugouts destroyed. The four separatists went to the morgue," he informed on his Facebook page.

Reportedly, during the past day the militants fired residential householders in the village of Zaitseve village in the Donetsk region with 122 mm shells.

In general, according to the military, in the areas of Mayorsk, Avdiivka, Novhorod, Sokolniki and Starognativka, the militants used prohibited weapons five times.

Source: OSCE