Donetsk journalist and writer Stanislav Vasin (real name is Stanislav Aseyev) is included in the list of Ukrainian hostages, the Advisor of the Head of the Security Service of Ukraine Yuri Tandit reported, according to

“I can confirm that he is on the exchange lists”.

Number of kidnapping have increased inthe occupied Donbas lately, according to Tandit. He also reminded that earlier militants had submitted incorrect hostages lists, which included the names of people who were not involved in ATO, but shot Maidan activists.

Answering the question about the quantity of people that will be on the final list, Tandit said:

"I would not like to call the numbers right away."

The Advisor to the Head of the Security Service of Ukraine remembered that earlier Ukraine had offered the exchange of 57 for 228 people. Now 132 Ukrainians are being held hostage.

“Ukraine has conducted a verification process. Now we are ready to return those we can return”.

Reference. The journalist and writer Stanislav Aseyev, writing under the alias "Stanislav Vasin", who decided to stay in the territory temporarily uncontrolled by Ukraine in order to be in the center of events and describe the developments, disappeared in Donetsk on June 6. He contacted last time on June 2. 

PHOTO: Internet