Near the checkpoint "Hoptivka" in the Kharkiv region of Ukraine on the border with the Russian Federation, 150 trucks have lined up, which the Russian Federation does not allow through "Nekhoteyevka" checkpoint, the State Border Service of Ukraine (SBSU) reported.

“This morning, a line of trucks near and in the territory of the checkpoint "Hoptivka" (Kharkiv region) is about 150 vehicles," reads the message.

The SBSU noted that most trucks are returning to choose another route for crossing the border.

Russian border guards have not allowed trucks across the Ukrainian-Russian border at the checkpoint "Nekhoteyevka" since February 17.

“As it became known from the persons following from Russia, the passage of trucks is allegedly not carried out because of a malfunction of the equipment for cargo inspection."

Earlier, the staff of the SBSU in the Luhansk region came under fire from the territory of the Russian Federation. The press center of the ATO headquarters stated that such attacks flagrantly violate the regime of the state border.