On October 4, the militants of the so-called "LPR" disabled the camera of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission for 5 hours with the help of laser beams pointed at it, according to the report of the OSCE SMM.

“For almost five hours on the evening of 4 October, the SMM camera in a non-government-controlled area south of Stanytsia Luhanska near the Prince Ihor monument was disabled by a laser that the SMM assessed as emanating from a concrete “LPR” position 70m north of the camera. Before that, the camera had recorded what appeared to be an armed “LPR” member installing the laser and adjusting it. After the laser was turned off, it recorded an “LPR” member walking away from the guard post.”

Previously, the OSCE SMM in Ukraine installed four new CCTV cameras in the zone of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict in the Donbas - three in the government-controlled area and one on the territory that is not controlled by the Ukrainian government. The Principal Deputy Chief Monitor of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine noted that increasing the number of technical means of monitoring the mission would not help to stop hostilities, but would only allow for more accurate recording of violations of the Minsk accords.