According to The Atlantic magazine, an evidence exists indicating possible attack on the power grid of Ukraine.

Security experts are currently monitoring the work of Ukrainian energy companies, as well as th work of teams in Russia suspected of committing attacks.

“Some evidence has already suggested that a new attack could be in the works. Robert Lee, the CEO and founder of the industrial-cybersecurity firm Dragos , says that in recent weeks he has observed an unusual spike in activity in Ukraine by the same group of developers who engineered the malware used in the 2016 attack,” the article informes.

According to Lee, since last year’s attack until mid-November, this group had showed very little activity in Ukraine. 

“In our assessment, it would be completely reasonable to execute an attack this month,” he warns.

The Atlantic notes, that this spike in activity could be reconnaissance, preparation for a later operation, or simply an intention to create fear of a forthcoming hack.

Earlier, the cyber police of Ukraine recorded the massive spread of a cryptographic virus known as Scarab