Today around 9:30, the militants of the "DPR" terrorist formations bombarded the school in the town of Svitlodarsk in Bahmut district of Donetsk region, according to the information provided by Pavlo Zhebrivsky, the Chairman of the Donetsk Regional State Administration which is currently located in city Kramatorsk.

Zhebrivsky reported on Facebook that a shell of militants burst right at the schoolyard. As a result of the bombardment, one person was wounded.

“It landed and burst right at the schoolyard. One civilian was wounded - he was passing the school in his car at the time of the explosion. Among the teachers and schoolchildren there are no victims. The educational process is suspended. The children were dismissed to their homes," he wrote.

Zhebrivsky noted that windows were shattered in the school and the building was being examined.

Earlier, Pavlo Zhebrivsky reported that in the city of Marinka in the Donetsk region a residential building came under fire of militants. The doctors provided the necessary assistance to the victims.

Also, according to Zhebrivsky, leaders of militants of the terrorist formations "DPR" owe 3 million hryvnia for water supply, which is provided from the territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities.