The so-called "law enforcement agencies" in the occupied Donetsk and Luhansk seek to prevent the departure of young people of draft age to the territories controlled by Ukraine, according to the message of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine.

Reportedly, Russian command in the Donbas prevents the departure of local potential conscripts, because they consider them as a resource for replenishing the mercenary army.

“Military commissariats and so-called "Law enforcement agencies" are required to limit travelling outside the "republics" for young people to continue their studies. For this purpose, methods of educational work are used, as well as intimidation with non-recognition of diplomas received in higher educational institutions of Ukraine, and criminal cases initiated for minor offenses with the prohibition to leave their place of residence before the end of the entering campaign in 2017.”

The intelligence also noted that to leave the temporarily occupied territories potential recruits need to get a large number of certificates, the design of which is deliberately complicated.

Earlier QHA reported, that intelligence previously informed on the killing of civilians by pro-Russian terrorists in the Donbas.

PHOTO: Internet