The militants of the terrorist group "DPR" fired a civilian car in Mayorsk (Donetsk region), the Head of the Donetsk Regional Civil-Military Administration Pavel Zhebrivsky reported on his Facebook page.

“Yesterday in Mayorsk, the russiists fired a civilian car. According to Vladimir Veselekin, the Chairman of Zaytsevo Civil–military administrations, a bullet fired from the occupied territory (from the territory of the Izotov mine) hit the car when the driver - a local resident – was parking it in the garage. It must be considered a miracle that a person was only frightened," he wrote.

He further noted that this is another confirmation that for pro-Russian militants, the word "truce "and "civil security" are an empty sound.

QHA reported that on November 27, militants from the terrorist group "LPR" fired an OSCE unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in the village of Dolgoe. Shots were targeted at the UAV, which managed to land successfully.

The OSCE SMM contacted the Joint Center for Control and Coordination (JCCC) to investigate the incident.