In the coming days, militants of terrorist groups in the territory of certain regions in Donetsk and Luhansk regions (ORDLO) may carry out armed provocations, according to the website of the Information and Analytical Center of National Security of Ukraine.

“Thus, the Russian-occupation forces plan to resort to serious provocations and even terrorist acts against peaceful local residents on both sides of the contact line. Vital infrastructure facilities, such as power lines, water and gas pipelines can fall under bombardment of militants,” the message says.

The center notes that possible provocations are associated with increasing the intensity of the militants’ training and "yet another arrival of the so-called "humanitarian assistance" from Russia to the occupied territory."

Previously, the staff of the special monitoring mission OSCE recorded a convoy of 10 vehicles with sign “Humanitarian assistance from Russia Federation” on the territory of Donbas not controlled by Ukraine. Media stated that observers were not allowed to approach the convoy. One of the members of “LPR” said that in order to access the object they have to recieve a required permission from the other “LPR” members