Armed clashes occur between the terrorists of different nationalities in the occupied Donbas, according to the report of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine.

“In the military units of the RF Armed Forces, which are formed in the areas along the border with Ukraine and are completed mainly by servicemen of the Caucasian nationality, the situation in the relations among personnel on the interethnic (ethnic) basis continues to worsen. June 10 as a result of stabbing a serviceman from the Republic of Dagestan, massive clashes began between the personnel of the 150th Motorized Rifle Division.”

It is also known that many servicemen suffered in the clashes:

“In order to stop the riots, additional units of the military police of the RF Armed Forces arrived in Novocherkassk. As a result of the forceful actions, a considerable number of servicemen of the unit were injured and hospitalized."

Earlier QHA reported that in the Donetsk region armed militants with patches of skulls and bones obstructed the work of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission under the pretext of "drills" and shouted at the observers in a language they could not identify.

PHOTO: Internet