ORDO militants firing the positions of the ATO forces in the Marinka town caused damage to the residential areas of the settlement, local residents were affected. City of Krasnogorovka came under heavy artillery fire.
As a result of the shelling that began on June 9 at about midnight, a man and a woman were injured in a residential building in Oktyabrskaya Street, they were taken to Kurakhovo hospital. Information about other victims and destruction of buildings is being specified.
The ATO headquarters specifies that such actions of terrorists indicate their intention to aggravate the conflict.

“Such actions by the leadership of the ORDO testify to the interest in further aggravation of the conflict, demonstrate reluctance to observe the ceasefire and deliberate non-compliance with the Minsk agreements,” reads the statement of the Ukrainian side at the Joint Center for Control and Coordination.

Eyewitnesses also reported another shelling, which most likely occurred next to the residential areas of the village - about ten explosions were recorded.