The OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) in the Donbas has recorded a significant amount of military equipment near the village of Buhaivka (Luhansk region), according to the report of the SMM based on monitoring carried out in the ATO zone.

On the basis of aerial surveillance data from November 28, a significant amount of military equipment was observed.

“Aerial imagery revealed that, on 28 November, large numbers of military-type vehicles(types and exact numbers undetermined, due to partial cloud cover) were arranged in column formations 500-600m north-north-west of a parking area about 2km south-east of “LPR”-controlled Buhaivka (37km south-west of Luhansk) where weapons had previously been observed.”

The SMM also registered armored combat vehicles within the security zone.

Earlier, the ATO headquarters press center reported that within the framework of the Minsk Arrangements, the Armed Forces of Ukraine were re-deployed in the ATO zone.

In particular, the Ukrainian military, which strictly adhere to the Minsk accords, can strengthen or re-locate their positions, redeploy within the territories defined by these agreements.

Earlier it became known that in the area of anti-terrorist operation, Ukrainian servicemen took control of the urban village of Verkhnyotoretske (Yasynuvata District, Donetsk region), which was partly under the control of militants of the terrorist organization "DPR".