The HMS Dunkan British destroyer made a working visit to Odessa. This is the first visit of a British warship to the port in 10 years. It is accompanied by the Turkish frigate F243 Yildirim of the “Yavuz” project. Both the frigate and the destroyer are on the balance of the NATO Constant Readiness Naval Group, which is based in the Mediterranean Sea.

The program of ships' stay provides, in particular, protocol meetings of their command with the leadership of the Ukrainian Navy, and NATO military will meet with Ukrainian sailors.

Joint exercises with military of the Ukrainian Navy on fighting for the ship survivability and the conduct of inspection operations of were held on July 25.

The exercise provided exchange of experience, familiarization with the algorithm of actions and equipment, direct testing of certain elements. Both sides noted the great benefit of joint training for improving knowledge and skills to achieve compatibility.

The ships of the group were open to visits of the residents and guests of the city. 

NATO No. 2 group ships will conduct PASSEX training in the Black Sea along with the Ukrainian Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

HMS Dunkan Destroyer and Turkish frigate F243 Yildirim will be in Ukraine until July 27.

PHOTOS: Valery Puzik