North Korea launched missiles from the territory of the province of Gangwon to the Sea of ​​Japan, the BBC reported referring to the US military department.
In total, North Korea launched three short-range missiles. All three launches were unsuccessful: the first and third missiles exploded in the air, the second one exploded almost immediately after the launch, Reuters wrote.
Previously, North Korea has repeatedly launched intercontinental ballistic missiles, which is prohibited under the UN resolution.

President of the United States Donald Trump, after the launch of two intercontinental missiles in the DPRK in July, threatened Pyongyang with "fire and fury." In response, the North Korean leadership announced its intention to shoot rockets on the American island of Guam in the Pacific, where Washington’s strategically important military base is located. Despite the new threats of Pyongyang, the United States and South Korea on August 21 launched large-scale joint maneuvers.
PHOTO: Internet