After the annexation of the Ukrainian Crimea by Russia, the fleet only received more than 200 units of new models of weapons and military equipment.
Military aviation of the Crimea is more modernized and equipped compared to the period before annexation. For example, the Fighter Wing regiment Belbek airfield is equipped with new SU-27P, SU-27UB, SU-30 M2 aircrafts.
The airfield Kacha of the Coast Guard was supplemented with BE-12 patrol aircraft, AN-26 transport aircraft. "Belbek" is to be expanded for the receiving passenger aircraft.

At the airfield in Gvardeisky mixed air regiments are deployed equipped with front-line bombers SU-24M, armed with Su-25 SM combat aircraft.
Garrison Gvardeiskoe is equipped with military infrastructure, all conditions are created for living and staying on station.

The airfield in the village of Novofedorivka of the Saky district is rearmed to the new multifunctional SU-300 SM fighters, and also the famous "Nitka" training track for naval aircraft was improved and modernized there.

The Dzhankoy helicopter aerodrome is fortified and equipped with modern helicopters KA-52, MI-26, MI-35M.
The unit is expanded to the level of the brigade. Servicemen deployed here are actively building housing.

Furthermore, presence of the Russian Federation Air Force in Crimea has been increased several times, and currently include missile-antiaircraft complexes Bastion, Pantsyr, Triumf-S-400, Iskander, Bal, Utes, some of them have a rocket-artillery function of the Coast Guard.
All these deadly weapons were demonstrated at exhibitions on February 23 in Simferopol and Sevastopol.

The airfield "Chauda" in Feodosia is replenished and equipped with various air defense complexes, which are also located near Yevpatoria. In this regard, military experts of various levels were brought to the Crimea.
Thereby, for example, the garrison was modernized in the village of Perevalnoye near Simferopol, where new tank models , and the personnel of over 1,500 people were deployed.