In the occupied Kerch military equipment of the RF freely travels through the streets of the city. Photographs of hardware are posted in social networks by local residents.

In early April the column of armored personnel carriers passed through the city center.

"Everyday life of the Crimea occupied by Russia," a local resident wrote in a commentary to the photo.

In April, in the vicinity of the Kerch Strait, locals noticed a strange object - a barge with an unknown cargo, the Twitter user "RoksolanaToday & Crimea" informed.

From the beginning of the annexation the invaders actively militarize society in the Crimea. In addition to illegal recruitment of adult residents of the peninsula into the Russian army, the "authorities" regularly hold events with weapons for children accepting them into the ranks of the Young army of Russia and holding lectures on the work of Russian security forces.

Earlier QHA reported that in the children’s summer camp "Artek" the invaders conducted "military exercises" for children.