According to the report of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission, convoy of 16 covered cargo trucks with “Humanitarian Aid from the Russian Federation” written on the side had arrived to the temporarily occupied territory of the Donbas.

“In both Donetsk and Luhansk regions the SMM observed convoys of trucks with “Humanitarian Aid from the Russian Federation” written in Russian on the side.

The SMM OSCE noted that the convoy was escorted by 7 cars. 

the SMM saw a convoy of 16 covered white cargo trucks (five with black Russian Federation military licence places and the remainder with white civilian Russian Federation licence plates) on road M04 heading north-west. The convoy was escorted by at least three cars (white in colour with two orange stripes on the sides) with blue flashing lights on, three white-and-blue cars, and an ambulance.

The OSCE mission was also not allowed to enter the southern outskirts of Luhansk.

“When the SMM attempted to enter the compound, two armed “LPR” members wearing clothes with “LPR” “police” written in Russian denied its access, claiming that the SMM would not be given access without permission from other “LPR” members”.

Earlier, QHA reported that Russia was preparing to send another "humanitarian convoy" to Donbas." Sergei Shchetinin, Deputy Head of the Supreme Council of the All-Russian Public Organization "Russian Union of Rescuers” stated that the convoy allegedly would be children's New Year's gifts. In his words, 3,5 thousand gifts to be presented.