On June 20  the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission in Donbas (OSCE SMM) reported that the armed members of the "DPR" (Donetsk People's Republic) attacked the observers.

On June 21 the special services of the self-proclaimed "Donetsk People's Republic" reported about detention of armed people who had attacked the OSCE SMM patrol in Yasynuvata on June 20, “Donetsk news agency” informed citing the so-called "DPR" operational command.

According to the agency, "this was a planned provocation aimed to discrediting the leadership of the republic, as well as intimidating the OSCE mission employees in the performance of their functional duties." The special services of self-proclaimed republic allegedly determined that the detainees were not members of the armed forces or members of the security forces of the DPR.

According to the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission report on June 20, a Mission patrol consisting of six officers in two armored vehicles was at the observation post in Yasynuvata. They saw two men in the military uniform at the railway station, one of them was armed with an automatic weapon (AK type) and headed west, at a distance of about 80 meters from the observers position.

Another SMM patrol consisting of six officers on two armored vehicles was situated about 150 meters west to the first patrol location and about 100 meters distance from those two men. At 11:06 both patrols heard a small arms gunfire and determined that it sounded from the place where the men were. Then these men, whose faces were closed by balaclavas, went to the second SMM patrol and began to shout in an aggressive manner towards the observers.

At 11:10, both patrols attempted to leave the area.

As SMM patrol (2) began to leave, the armed man ran to the second vehicle, tried to open the door on the driver’s side and attempted to break the driver’s side window with his gunstock. Failing to do either, he then ran after the first vehicle from SMM patrol (2). Following this, the armed man turned and pointed his assault rifle at the driver and front-seat passenger of the second vehicle from SMM patrol (2). Both patrol members raised their hands in response. When the armed man moved to the side of the vehicle to try to open the front passenger-side door, the driver accelerated. As the SMM vehicle was driving away, the armed man hit the rear right-side window with his gunstock, causing minor damage. The SMM then saw him fire a burst of small-arms fire into the air, followed by three shots that the SMM assessed were fired at the patrol vehicle”, the report says.

However, the bullets did not hit the car. Leaving the scene, the observers saw that the armed man was holding them on the sight of his machine gun.

Afterwards the OSCE SMM observers returned safely to their base in Donetsk.

PHOTO: Internet