The OSCE reacted to the gesture of the SMM monitor, who gave a military greeting and shook hands with a representative of the “LPR” fighters during the transfer of the remains of Ukrainian Armed Forces militaries near the town of Shchastya on November 25, and called it "oversight", representatives of the SMM OSCE reported on Facebook.

“It can be seen from the video that the observer made a mistake (internal work is being done on this issue in order to prevent its recurrence). It is a pity that all attention was focused on this mechanical gesture. This is an involuntary gesture, inherent in many who used to serve in the armed forces, does not in any way signify approval or even commitment to any position or point of view,” OSCE informed.

The SMM monitoring officer was seen greeting a man who is "a member of an organization involved in exhumation, the transfer of bodies and the exchange of prisoners”.

The SMM pointed out that this handshake should not detract from the work performed by the observer.

Earlier, Russian SMM OSCE observer in the Donbas welcomed the representative of the “LPR” militants and shook his hand during the transfer of the bodies of the dead ATO fighters. Julian Röpcke, German journalist noted that the OSCE SMM should explain why its "civilian observer" gives military greetings to the "LPR" militant.