The OSCE Special Monitoring Mission recorded the columns of trucks which entered and left Ukraine on unpaved road in an uncontrolled district of the Donetsk region, the report of the OSCE SMM in Ukraine said.

According to the mission, the truck movement was recorded with an unmanned long-range SMM aircraft.

“An SMM long-range UAV spotted convoys of trucks entering and exiting Ukraine via a dirt track where there are no border crossing facilities in the middle of the night. At 22:15 on 7 August, an SMM long-range UAV spotted a convoy of eight canvas-covered six-wheeled cargo trucks (five KamAZ-4310 and the rest undetermined) travelling east along a road near Chystiakove (non-government-controlled, 62km east of Donetsk). Near Manych (non-government-controlled, 76km east of Donetsk), approximately 3.5km before reaching Ukraine’s border with the Russian Federation, the convoy turned east onto a dirt track that leads across the border. The UAV then spotted a second convoy (consisting of an off-road vehicle (UAZ) leading six canvas-covered six-wheeled KamAZ cargo trucks and a box body truck) travelling westwards from the border with the Russian Federation along the same dirt track. The two convoys passed each other about five minutes after the second convoy entered Ukraine. At around 23:25, the UAV spotted the first convoy exiting Ukraine via the same dirt track. The second convoy was later joined by two additional KamAZ cargo trucks also coming from the direction of the border with the Russian Federation. Each of the convoys separately stopped for about three minutes next to an off-road vehicle that was parked in a field along the above-mentioned dirt track, 1.7km from the border, and again next to two trucks parked at the intersection of the dirt track and the paved road (3.5km from where the convoys crossed the border). At both spots, the occupants of the parked vehicles (the off-road vehicle in the field and the two trucks at the intersection) can be seen interacting with the drivers of each convoy’s lead vehicle. The convoy seen heading westward into Ukraine was observed driving west and finally parking at the southern outskirts of Khrustalnyi (formerly Krasnyi Luch, non-government-controlled, 56km south-west of Luhansk) at 01:16 on 8 August.”

Also, on August 7, the OSCE mission first recorded, a temporary camp 2 km east of the settlement of Cheremshyne (not controlled by the Ukrainian government, 59 km south-east of Luhansk). In the territory of the camp were 6 armoured reconnaissance vehicles (BRDM variants) and 15 trucks of military type (two types of KamAZ, four types of Ural, two types of KrAZ, six types of ZIL and one unidentified model, all trucks were painted in shades of green).

“One bearing white-on-black licence plates with the prefix “DK” in Cyrillic letters, 2km east of Cheremshyne (non-government-controlled, 59km south-east of Luhansk). The vehicles were parked close to one another and camouflage netting was strung from one of them. About 1.6km east of the camp, there is an unguarded road crossing into the Russian Federation which is barricaded with a metal bar," the report says.

The day before, August 9, Principal Deputy Chief Monitor of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine Alexander Hug during a briefing for journalists in Kyiv, said that the SMM noted that the increase in the number of shelling that lead to an increase in the number of civilian casualties in the conflict zone.

According to him, from the beginning of 2018, 168 victims were recorded, including 31 people killed and 137 injured.