Konstantin Babichev had various professions: he was a welder, loader, driver. Today he works at one of the plants in the city of Zaporizhya. A resident of Zaporozhye says that despite hard work, he always tries to find time for a favorite hobby.

Throughout the year the craftsman was working on the steel Terminator. According to the inventor, all parts have been made of metal.

The "Terminator" movie captivated Babichev back in 1984. And now, after more than 30 years, he decided to create his own robot.

I wanted to create Terminator long ago as he is a hero of my childhood, like the hero of millions of people of our time - the American version of The Adventures of Electronics, he said.

Except the Terminator Konstantin also made the Predator (the hero of the eponymous fantasy-thriller with Arnold Schwarzenegger - Ed.).

The local craftsman said he sells his worls on one of the Ukrainian sites. For example, the Terminator costs UAH 75 thousand. However, it is hard to sell ready-made characters.

- It is much more difficult to sell in Ukraine than in Europe, especially in our time. In order to sell something one should visit exhibitions, trade fairs, but I do not have the time and money, so I only use the website.

So far, economical residents of the city of Zaporizhya only ask Konstantin Babichev to rent them the Terminator for advertising purposes - Renting my invention, the company’s owners want to attract people to their business, but I refuse them.

Photo: Konstantin Babichev