Russian President Vladimir Putin said that in the event of a nuclear war, Russians will go to heaven.

The Head of the Russian Federation made a corresponding statement at a meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club, where the issue of using weapons of mass destruction was discussed.

Putin stated that the Russian concept of nuclear weapons does not have a preemptive strike.

“We will strike only when we make sure that the potential aggressor strikes Russia. Our territory. We have created a system, we are improving it, a missile attack early warning system. It captures the launches of strategic missiles made on a global scale, and also determines the trajectory of the flight and the areas of the nuclear weapons strike.
Only after that we strike back .... But then the aggressor must know that retribution is inevitable, that it will be destroyed. And we are a victim of aggression. We as martyrs will go to heaven. And they just peg out. Because they do not even have time to repent.”

Putin's answer was met with laughter in the hall.

Earlier, the US representative to NATO Kay Bailey Hutchison said that Russia should stop the development of a banned medium-range missile system, otherwise the US will destroy it before it starts to function.

According to her, the United States believes that the Russian Federation is developing a ground-based missile system in violation of the agreement concluded during the Cold War.