Speaking to journalists of the TV channel the leader of the Crimean Tatar people, the Presidential Commissioner for the Crimean Tatar People Affairs, the Verkhovna Rada deputy Mustafa Dzhemilev reiterated the thesis that it is very dangerous to return the Crimea exclusively by military means, since the Kremlin had turned the peninsula into its military base:

“Crimea has been turned into a military base, and we even have information that now 6 nuclear warheads are there. Therefore, it is very dangerous to deploy military operations there.”

According to him, military actions on the peninsula territory can lead to ethnic cleansing, as it was in Chechnya before.
Earlier QHA reported that during his speech at the European Parliament in February this year Mustafa Dzhemilev said, that Russia had stationed nuclear weapons in the annexed Crimea.

“Therefore, the North Atlantic Community should firmly react to the military strengthening of the Russian invaders in the Crimea”, the leader of the Crimean Tatar people said in an interview for the “Apostrophe” publication in February this year.”

Previously, experts stated that the militarization of the Crimea had led to a general decline in tourism and the region became even more state-aided.

Earlier, BBC reported, that Putin had cynically confessed his readiness to use nuclear weapons in the case of obstruction to the peninsula annexation in propaganda film “Crimea. Way home”, made by Andrei Kondrashev.

PHOTO: Internet