The Russian Federation has created a militarized zone in the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea which is closed for international monitoring and control. The territory of the peninsula continues to receive modern military weapons and military equipment, the Ukrainian Ministry of temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons reports.

“Judging by the recent statements of some politicians and public figures in several European countries, not all of them are fully aware of the nature and reality of the threat to the continent due to annexation and the following militarization of Crimea.

Thus, in December 2015, the Black Sea Fleet received another two small missile ships "Zelenyy dol" and "Serpukhov" equipped with defense systems "Caliber-NK". According to military experts and Russian media outlets, these missile systems when using P-14 missiles (SS-N-27 Sizzler) allow hitting targets at distances up to 2500 km.”

The department specifies that given the deployment of ships of this class in Crimea, European countries from Romania to France and the Scandinavian countries fall within blast radius, as well as the Middle East, North Africa, the Near East and an important strategic object - the Suez Canal.

“The Russian Federation deliberately relies on ships of this type, since the 1987 Agreement on the Elimination of Medium- and Short-Range Missiles forbids the ground-based deployment of cruise missiles similar to the ZM-14 in range, while the carrier of such missiles is relatively inexpensive and has an advantage of firing from the water areas, where it can be under the protection of coastal forces.”

The Ministry informs that the warships "Zelenyy dol" and "Serpukhov" are part of the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Federation, which enables their use within an area with a radius of 2500 km centered in the Kaliningrad region. Thus, almost all European countries, including Iceland, are in the danger zone. It should be noted that 20 nuclear power plants and 139 chemical enterprises of the European Union are located on this territory.

Furthermore, the department recalled that on August 19, 2016 the ships "Zelenyy dol" and "Serpukhov" were part of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation and carried out three missile strikes against Syria.

“The Russian Federation continues to exert military pressure on the countries of Europe to achieve political goals and at the same time creates a threat to the peace not only in Ukraine, but throughout the European region.”

Such actions of the Russian Federation contradict, in particular, the principle of non-use of force or threat as stipulated in the Final Act of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe of 1975, according to the Ministry of temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons of Ukraine.

“According to this document, the participating States pledged to refrain from using force or threat of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state. However, no considerations can be used to justify resorting to a threat by force or to its use in violation of this principle.”

Reference: The Russian Federation occupied the Crimea in February-March 2014, calling a rigged referendum on March 16 the will of the Crimeans on joining the Russian Federation. Most countries of the world did not recognize the Russian Crimea. For Ukraine, the Crimea remains a temporarily occupied territory.

Following the annexation of the Crimea, Russia began destabilizing the situation in the Donbas, providing military equipment and regular troops to the illegally created DPR and LPR. Military action began in April 2014 and continues to the present day.

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