The Russian Defense Ministry reported on the termination of cooperation with the US in the framework of the memorandum on the prevention of incidents in the sky over Syria starting on June 19. The Office notes that Russia will regard any aircrafts in the areas of the Russian military security services operation over Syrian territory as targets, AA reports.

The termination of interaction with the United States is connected with the Syrian Su-22 downed in Raqqa.

"The Ministry of Defense requires a thorough investigation by the American command with the provision of its results and a report on the measures taken," reads the statement the ministry.

The Russian Defense Ministry considers the Su-22 incident as a "deliberate default" on the part of the American command.

The committee of the Federation Council on Defense explained that Russia will not automatically shoot down any objects in the areas of operation of the Air Space Forces - each decision will be taken individually.

This decision was made in due to the fact that the command of the coalition forces did not warn the Russian military about the operation conducted in the province, where they were carrying out the tasks of the RF Air Space Forces at that time, thus exposing them to danger.

As additional measures to ensure security in the areas of combat missions of the Russian Air Force in the sky of Syria, any air objects, including aircrafts and unmanned vehicles of the international coalition, discovered west of the Euphrates River, will be escorted Russian air and ground defenses as air targets.

The Russian Defense Ministry also requires the US command to thoroughly investigate the incident with downing the Su-22 Syrian fighter in Raqqa with the provision of the investigation results and measures taken.

Earlier, QHA reported that on the evening of June 18, the US fighter-bomber F / A-18E Super Hornet destroyed the Su-22 of Syria after the Air Force of the Middle Eastern state struck at the armed opposition near Tabka in the province of Raqqa. Damascus stated that the downed plane bombed terrorists of the "Islamic state".

Photo and source: AA