Russian border guards in annexed Crimea armed with an armored boat on the air cushion A-25PS.

The boat was specially constructed for an order of the Border Guard Service of the FSB Russia. The length of the craft is 17 meters, width - 8 meters. The boat can accelerate up to 50 knots. Can travel on water, land and ice.

Occupants arranged a ceremony of raising the Russian flag on a boat in Dzhankoy.

The Head of the Border Guard Service of the FSB Russia in Crimea Alexei Znamenskiy said that the task of the boat is "patrolling, landing and border security." According to him, this is the only boat of its kind in Russia.

The A-25PS project boat was designed by the shipbuilding company Aerohod Ltd. in Nizhny Novgorod and was assembled at the shipbuilding plant "Море” (Sea). By 2020, 20 more such boats are planned to construct.

Earlier it was reported that the crew of the small rocket ship "Vyshniy Volochek" of the Russian Black Sea Navy held maritime exercises in the Black Sea near occupied Crimea. During the exercises, the Russian Black Sea Navy ship opened a fire on a hypothetical enemy from the artillery unit A-190 "Universal".

On July 2018, Russian troops conducted military exercises in occupied Crimea where  Bastion and Bal divisions of coastal missile systems, mobile onshore intelligence complexes of maritime and air situations, as well as crews of SU-30SM aircraft of a naval aviation were engaged.