Another group of lost Russians were detained in the occupied Donbas on June 18, Major-General, Deputy Head of the ATO Aleksander Razmaznin reported to journalists in Kramatorsk, according to “OstroV”.

”The latest detention was yesterday (June, 18 - ed.). Graduates of the St. Petersburg Medical Academy confused the direction and found themselves in our territory after celebrating the Medic Day. We detain a lot of them(Russian servicemen - "OstroV"). But the fact is that we cannot reveal all to press. Certain structures take away these detainees. Our task is to fight. We detain and transport them to certain structures. The rest is not our business”.

According to the Major-General, the detention of Russian servicemen in the ATO zone happens quite often, but this information is not made public in the press.

“We regularly detain (Russian military - ed.), not every day, but quite often”.

Earlier QHA reported that Russian command in the occupied Donbas had opened fire on militants who had refused to comply with the orders of the leadership.

PHOTO: Internet