The Russian State Duma adopted a government bill in first reading prohibiting servicemen from posting information about themselves or other military on the Internet and the media.

The Deputy Minister of Defense of Russia Nikolai Pankov stated that the restrictions will concern conscript soldier as well.

According to him, the defense department has the ability to track the activity of military personnel on the Internet.

According to the document, military personnel are prohibited from posting photos and videos on the Internet and mass media, as well as geolocation data and other information about themselves and other military personnel, including foreign citizens.

This applies to information about the service activities of military personnel, the activities of military units, the place of their deployment. The exceptions are separate cases provided by law.

The bill does not apply to citizens dismissed from military service.

For violation of the prohibition, a soldier faces disciplinary liability.
The international intelligence community InformNapalm has published data on some conscripts of the Russian 234th Airborne Assault Regiment who took part in the occupation of the Crimea.

Data on the servicemen of the Russian military unit No. 277777, stationed in Chechnya, which also took part in the annexation of the Crimea, was made public as well.
Source: Interfax