The volunteers of the InformNapalm intelligence community established the personality of the DPR militant supervisor, an employee of the Russian Intelligence Directorate with the code name "Alex", who participated in the preparation of the occupation of Crimea, according to the material on the InformNapalm website.
The supervisor with a code name "Alex" was an officer of the central apparatus of the GRU General Staff of the Russian Federation Aleksandr Tkachev, investigators stated.
Earlier,  the leaders of the "DPR" terrorists offered Tkachev to take the post of an "authorized representative" in the organization "Union of Volunteers of Donbas", in order to raise its authority in the eyes of the militants through the connection with the RF GRU.
He also took part in the destabilizing the situation in the Crimea on the eve of the occupation of the peninsula by Russia in 2014.
Representatives of the "Crimean self-defense" formation spoke of him as a "Moscow" big fish "from the GRU General Staff ." He represented Russian intelligence with the coordination of separatists in the formations "Congress of Russian communities of the Crimea", "Crimean civil activists" and all kinds of "Cossack" formations.
At the moment, Tkachev is engaged in the bundling of the 1 st Army Corps of  "DPR" terrorists with Russian mercenaries.
Earlier, QHA reported that according to the investigation of Bellingcat,  in 2014 the Russian Federation used its powerful armored vehicles - tanks T-90A in the East of Ukraine.
Experts state that the first serial modifications of the T-90A were released in 1992, and such equipment was not supplied to Ukraine.
These tanks were first noticed during the battles for Ilovaisk in August 2014, according to experts. Later, the equipment was noticed in 3 different areas of the ORDLO, in particular, at the Luhansk airport.
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