The first Ukrainian landing and assault boat project "Centaur", built at the Kyiv shipbuilding plant "Kuznya on Rybalsky", within three – four weeks will be transfered from Kyiv to Odessa.

As Vasil Radchuk, Head of the Shipbuilding Department of the Naval Forces Command, Captain of the 1 rank, said the boat was built to order of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

According to Radchuk, the main and additional equipments are installed on the boat.

“Particularly, navigation equipment, computer complexes and systems, high-precision elements and others. After that, the mooring tests will start and factory tests will be continued. The work of mechanisms and systems will be checked during the course of the boat in the Kyiv Sea."

The officer added that a transfer of "Centaur" from Kyiv to Odessa will be organized by his crew.

The commander of the first landing and assault boat "Centaur" will be Senior Lieutenant Sergiy Odynets. During the annexation of Crimea in 2014, being a cadet of the Sevastopol Naval Forces Academy he did not betray his military oath and as a result moved to mainland Ukraine.

On arrival to the place of basing, state tests of the “Centaur” will start, and according to these results, the landing and assault boat should be accepted to the Ukrainian Navy.

As Admiral Ihor Voronchenko, Commander of the Navy Armed Forces of Ukraine, noted the "Centaur" will be used by the Marines for landing and assault operations. The boat is equipped with a multiple launch rocket system and combat modules. It can allow 36 people on board.

Earlier, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, Oleksander Turchynov, said that the “Centaur” is not worse of a Russian Raptor analogue. According to him, the boat has powerful enough missile arm and a stabilization system allowing to carry out firings without deceleration of the boat speed.

As QHA reported, Russian border guards in annexed Crimea armed with an armored boat on the air cushion A-25PS. The boat can accelerate up to 50 knots.