The United States continued promoting the strengthening of the defense potential of Ukraine, Herbert McMaster, National Security Advisor of USA serving under President Donald Trump stated during his speech at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library at the National Security Forum in Simi Valley, California.

“What we are continuing to do is to strengthen the defense potential of Ukraine. Everyone knows that this is based on non-lethal assistance, but Ukraine is very solvent, and John Abizaid [a high-level strategic advisor, General, from the United States, Ed.] plays a great role here,” McMaster noted.

McMaster also stressed that Ukraine has made huge efforts to reform its economy and the army, which, according to the advisor, should complicate the plans of Russia and its puppets to expand the controlled territory.

Earlier, Rex Tillerson, US Secretary of State, in his statement over the relations with Europe stated that the United States would not accept options of resolving the war in Donbas, which would not provide for the restoration of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.