For sustainable peace in the east of Ukraine, decades are needed, Deputy Minister for Temporary Occupied Territories and IDP of Ukraine Georgiy Tuka said on air of one of the Ukrainian channels.

According to the official, peace, in the perception of the overwhelming majority of citizens, is a ceasefire, but there is a more professional concept of this term.

“First of all, we are not talking about the destroyed infrastructure facilities, but about moral, emotional, psychological trauma. That's what they are talking about, and to make these wounds healed, years and years will be needed," he explained.

Earlier, former US Ambassador and expert on Ukraine and Russia in Washington Steven Pifer said that the Ukrainian army will not be able to end the conflict in the Donbas.

According to the expert, the Russian army is strong, well-equipped and exceeds the number of Ukrainian troops. However, the former US ambassador believes that Russia will not dare to take a step that could entail a new package of sanctions and support for Ukraine from the West.

Source: Channel 5