This was reported by the press service of the National Security Council after the meeting of the Security Council Secretary Alexander Turchinov with the Chairman of the Committee on the Defense Industry of Turkey Ismail Demir.

“We are working towards the implementation of specific projects and a wide range of issues, in particular, with regard to the production of armored vehicles, rocket and aircraft engineering, etc.” said Turchinov.

He stressed that Ukraine considers promising the creation of joint enterprises with Turkey, which would be engaged in the manufacture of munitions, unmanned aerial vehicles, missiles and tanks.

The parties also discussed the issues of attracting Turkish investments in the military and industrial complex of Ukraine.

“Coordinating Group, which was established after our meeting, in now fruitfully working, and starts implementing specific projects,” said Demir, adding that Turkey is interested in developing cooperation with Ukraine in the field of defense industry.

It was reported earlier that the major defense companies of Turkey and Ukraine have begun negotiations that are likely to be completed with agreements on cooperation in the tank modernization program.

Since 2008, Turkish company Aselsan has been engaged in the development of active protection system or ACCOR, and tests radar, computer systems and armor from 2010. Turkish company Aselsan notes that ACCOR is designed to detect missiles against tanks, and is able to hit them while they are in the air. The system is designed for the Altay tank - the main battle tank of the next generation in Turkey. However, different types of armor can also be equipped with ACCOR system.

Photo: Internet