Ukraine is not able to win war with Russia, it needs weapons to curb separatism in the Donbas and in the Crimea, Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski said during a visit to the US, commenting on the decision of the Canadian government to sell weapons to Ukraine.

“I had it coming, sooner or later, all the same, this weapon will start to arrive in Ukraine. Of course, we also cooperate with Ukraine and transfer certain items of military equipment, but this is not lethal weapons," he said.

Waszczykowski also said that supplies of weapons through Poland are possible, but this is the matter for the whole Polish government, and not just for the Foreign Ministry.

Earlier, the Government of Canada included Ukraine in the list of states in where arms exports were allowed. Thus, the government de facto lifted the embargo on the sale of Canadian weapons to Ukraine, which existed for many years.

Source: Polish Radio