In the zone of conducting an antiterrorist operation, the Ukrainian National Guard servicemen detained two people – a militant of the so-called Luhansk Peoples’ Republic and a Russian citizen, according to the report of the press service of the National Guard of Ukraine.

During the inspection of the VAZ car and documents at the checkpoint near the village of Gorodyshe in Luhansk region, a passenger was identified, who, according to preliminary information, was included in the base as an "LPR" militant.

Another detention occurred at the same checkpoint.

“The same military personnel in the course of checking the car Foltzwagen and verification of documents identified a passenger who, according to the passport data, was a citizen of the Russian Federation and had a Russian military identity card.”

It is noted that these citizens were detained and transferred to military counterintelligence.

Earlier, according to the results of the court session in the case of arrested soldiers of the Russian border services, Kuznetsov and Kulub, a measure of restraint was determined in the form of 2 months imprisonment under Art. 110 (encroachment on the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine).

PHOTO: Internet