On Sunday June 18, the coalition, led by the United States, shot down a Syrian air force plane in the area of Raqqa, the source informed. According to the Ministry of Defense of Syria, the plane "was shot down near the city of Raqqa, when it was carrying out the task against the IS", the pilot has not yet been found.

"Their actions are aimed to stop the Syrian army and their allies in the fight against terrorism, while our army and allies are making great advances," the department noted.

The headquarters of the international coalition argued that the Syrian air force plane dropped bombs on the opposition troops.

“The Syrian airplane Su-22 dropped bombs near SDF positions. In accordance with the rules of self-defense, it was immediately shot down by an American fighter F / A-18E Super Hornet,” the report said.

Before striking the plane, the coalition contacted Russia via a special channel to "reduce the tension of the situation and stop the fire," the Central Command reported.

The coalition "does not try to fight the Syrian regime, Russian or regime-backing forces," but will "defend itself and the forces of partners from any threat," reads the statement of the military department.

PHOTO: Reuters