The confrontation in the east of Ukraine between Ukrainian forces and Russia-backed separatists has now entered its forth year already. This war, which took lives of more than 10,300 people, has become the longest armed conflict in Europe after the World War II, Alec Luhn, journalist, wrote in the article of the Telegraph British edition.

He also notes that, despite attempts of a peaceful settlement, an escalation of the conflict can be observed today.

Luhn believes that the Minsk agreements are "stuck" both in the military and in the political sense, progress does not seem probable, in the current conditions.

Referring to the reports of the representatives of the OSCE mission to Ukraine, the journalist also stresses that the ceasefire is violated by both sides of the conflict.

Earlier, December 27, a large-scale exchange of prisoners of war took place between Ukraine and the terrorist organizations of "DPR" and "LPR". The Ukrainian party managed to release from the militants 74 prisoners who were in captivity.