Sale of tickets for "Eurovision-2017" in Kyiv was launched on February 15. After some time the official service of tickets selling reported that all tickets for the Grand Final of the competition, to be held on May 13, were sold out in 15 minutes after the official start, according to the publication "Details".

“All the tickets for the "Eurovision" Grand Final were sold. The only tickets left are those for people with particular restrictions that are already booked. Moreover, the tickets for Grand Final rehearsal are already running out,” the company announced.

Tickets for the first and second Semi-Finals, as well as at the contest rehearsal will be available soon.

Previously the site of National Television Company of Ukraine NTU announced that tickets for the song contest "Eurovision-2017" will be available in the evening of February 14. Reportedly, about 70 thousand tickets would be sold at the 9 Song Contest concerts to be held in May at the International Exhibition Centre in Kyiv. The tickets would be also sold at 6 rehearsals, two Semi-Finals and Grand Final of Eurovision-2017.

Photo: Internet