Within the Nýmphaion expedition near the city of Kerch in Crimea, archaeologists discovered the cellars of ancient Romans, Crimean publications reported referring to the expedition leader Olga Sokolova.

As of now, a large number of ceramic fragments have been found.

“Marks on the handles of amphorae from Sinop, Rhodes, Heraclea, small fragments of terracotta figurines, coins. Unfortunately, bronze coins are badly preserved,” Olga Sokolova said.

She further noted that over 7 years the Nýmphaion expedition it was possible to unearth only 2.5 meters deep.

The major task of archaeologists is to completely unearth the complex of the amphitheater, built in the IV century BC.


More than 300 finds were discovered. According to Sokolova, the most interesting ones will be transferred to the funds of the East Crimean Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve.

The Nýmphaion expedition is one of the oldest. Archeologists have been working here since 1939.

PHOTO: Novyi Den