The self-proclaimed Crimean authorities have been neglecting the Saray Khan (the Khan Palace) - a monument of global importance and the world's only example of Crimean Tatar architecture. In the two years Crimea has been under Russian occupation, the Khan Palace has fallen into such disrepair that the museum’s personnel had to make a home-made support for the roof, which may collapse at any moment. This is what photographer Ildar Ibragimov wrote on his Facebook page:

“I am writing to let you know about the Khan Palace. On December 22, 2015, I reported on the status of this architectural monument. Today is June 2, 2016, and I decided to take a photo to show you what has changed. And guess what? Nothing has changed. There is still no lighting, the workers made a makeshift support to the roof so it did not collapse, the second floor is off limits. My question to the Spiritual Administration of Crimea is: You promised to do your best to solve the problem. Have you done that? My question to Director of the Khan Palace: Your main job is to make sure that the Khan's Palace is kept intact. Have you done that? Unfortunately, all you do is promise. And in the meantime, the Khan Palace continues to draw crowds of tourists, making money for Crimea (or not exactly Crimea - I do not know). But with each passing day the palace is falling into disrepair. Think about it...”, Ibrahimov writes.

In his previous post, the photographer, who shoots wedding ceremonies in the Khan Palace, wrote about an outrageously high admittance fee. He claims that everyone, including newlyweds who arrive for a shooting session, is made to pay the admittance fee.

According to Ibrahimov, this is the worst state the palace has been in over the last 14 years.

“You charge a high admittance fee but how about using the money to renovate the palace? The government should be ashamed of itself,” writes the photographer.

It was reported earlier that the Grand Khan Mosque, a unique example of the 16th century Crimean Tatar architecture, which is part of Bakhchisarai’s Khan Palace, is also in danger of collapsing.