(QHA) -

Bakchisaray historical and cultural preserve applied to UNESCO for including to UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list.

Head of Department of Recreational Resources of Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of Crimea Natalia Sheremetyeva has said.

According to Mrs. Sheremetyeva, the EU project "Diversification and development of tourism" is being implemented in Crimea.

Among the nominees for "The historic environment of the capital of the Crimean Khans in Bakhchisaray” nomination there are Khan's palace, Chufut Qale cave city, Zincirli Madrasa, and number of Crimean Khans’ dyurbes (graves).

According to head of Bakchisaray historical and cultural preserve Valeriy Naumenko, the information profile is already under review at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris.