Fresh off the press, ‘The Last Empire. The Final Days of the Soviet Union’ book deals with events that took place in the second half of 1991. Several chapters of the book describe the role Ukraine and Ukrainian politicians played in the downfall of the USSR. According to Sergey Lunin, the book’s translator, the fact that the author got access to transcripts of phone conversations and personal meetings of the US and USSR leaders makes the book singularly unique. The book reveals in painstaking detail the stance taken by the then US government in 1991, as well as how it responded to the events happening in the USSR at the time.

Sergey Lunin promises that the best is yet to come. According to him, he is now translating another book by Sergey Plohiy called The Gates of Europe. Recently released in the US, the book is dedicated entirely to Ukraine’s history – from Herodotus’s day and up until the present time.

Born in the Ukrainian town of Zaporozhye, Sergey Plohiy, a Harvard Professor, graduated from Dnepropetrovsk University with a degree in History. For many years, he has been working in the US, holding the Grushevsky Chair at Harvard University and writing a lot of research papers on modern history. But most importantly he pays a lot of attention to Ukraine’s history in the 20th century.