The 21st International Crimean Tatar Festival of Turkish Tatar national costumes, folk dances and songs was held under auspices of the Democratic Union of Turkish-Tatar Muslims of Romania (RMTTDB) in the Summer Theatre of Constanta city on August 28-29, 2015.

The Festival began with welcome speeches of Gelil Eserghep, Head of the RMTTDB, and Konstantin Ion, Governor of Constanta city.

Refat Chubarov, Head of the World Congress of Crimean Tatars and Chairman of the Mejlis of Crimean Tatars also delivered a welcome speech to attendees.

This year, on stage-performance groups and soloists from Georgia, Turkey, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Lithuania participated in the Festival, in addition to 15 folk groups and 2 soloists of the RMTTDB.

As part of the event, the display of Turkish Tatar national costumes, a live performance of folk songs and dances, as well as Kuresh (a kind of wrestling traditionally practiced by Crimean Tatars) wrestling contest were held at the Festival.

Every day the event attracted over 4,000 people and ended with festive fireworks.