On August 7, in the annexed Crimea, Bilyal Bilyalov, Director of the Crimean Tatar Academic Music and Drama Theater, was dismissed.

The order for his dismissal has already been signed, but Biyalov himself refused to leave the post. The reason for the dismissal of the dramatist was allegedly administrative violation.
The theater staff also disagrees with this decision. They believe that all the charges against Bilyalov were invented with the goal of putting a "suitable" person in his place.

 “The acting and creative staff took a joint decision about the need to publicize this situation. If Bilyal Shevketovich is removed, then we would also prefer to somehow stop the work of the theater, we will have to stay away from work, which means - the collapse of the theater, this is his disappearance. As far as I understand it was not an official dismissal. Until this happens, we want the whole theater to somehow prevent this," said theater worker Luisa Useinova.

The dismissal of Bilyalov is also discussed in the social network Facebook. Thus, user Arzi Selim stated that the most worthy victories of the Crimean Tatar theater collective in many countries are connected with the name of Bilyal Bilyalov.

“Possessing a unique charisma, perseverance, persistence, Bilyal Bilyalov has made the whole world know about our national theater. In the different years, from the moment of the people's return to their homeland, up to the most difficult political situations of recent years, the collective has always found the right "words and intonations" to support its audience," she wrote.

Reference: Bilal Bilyalov has been the director and art director of the theater since 1994. He headed the institution in difficult times, when the theater was not yet staffed, there were not enough specialists, actors with higher education, there was no building and there was not enough national dramatic material.

Earlier, the occupiers planned to close the Crimean Academic Russian Drama Theater in Simferopol because of problems with fire safety.